5 Reasons Why Putting Your Home on the Market During the Fall Makes Sense

So today we're gonna talk about a subject that year after year it gets talked about at this time of the season. As I've said before, I've been a real estate broker since 1991 and I will tell you, every single year, this is a subject that is discussed, and the subject is, do we put our home on the market now in the fall or do we wait until the spring time to put our home on the market?

You know, some of you may have been for whatever reason, unsuccessful in getting your home sold during the summer season or maybe possibly now you're thinking of putting your home on the market and there's this myth out there, and a lot of people are talking that you know what, wait until spring to put your home on the market because that's when all the buyers come out and start looking at homes. Well again, I'm going to go over today, five compelling reasons as to why putting your home on the market now in the fall just makes sense. So let's get into it.

Number one, buyer demand is really strong right now. You know, there was a recent traffic report that was just put out by the National Association of Realtors recently that shows that buyer demand remains strong throughout the vast majority of the country. These buyers are ready, willing, and able to buy and they're in the market right now looking to purchase. You know, more often than not, many of the areas of the country, there are multiple buyers that are actually competing for homes and in some cases there are multiple offers coming in on one property at any given time. So taking advantage of these buyers and the activity of buyers right now is really good.

Number two, there's less competition right now. The housing inventory is still under the six months’ supply that's needed for a normal market right now. Okay. There's not enough homes on the market right now in many cases to supply the amount of buyers that are out there on the market right now. Historically homeowners would stay in their homes for about six, seven years. But since 2011 people are actually staying in their home a little bit longer. Not necessarily because they want to, but because they had to, because when the real estate turn down that we had here about 10 or 12 years ago, and we actually started losing value, people didn't have enough equity in their home at the time to cash out and go buy a new home. So that's why people were kind of, in a sense, kind of stuck in their homes a little bit longer. But now, because we've seen a greater appreciation in homes, people are able to now take the money out and utilize that cash to put down on a luxury home. So there's a lot of homes that are on the market right now that are a little bit more of an upscale luxury style home out there. So this is a great time for you to take advantage of selling your home and move to that higher desired property.

Number three, this process will be quicker now. See, today buyers are much more educated now. They're going online, they're doing all of their homework ahead of time. Buyers are much more educated today and they know what it takes in order to get approved, preapproved for mortgage before they even start looking. So in many cases, when a buyer comes to us as a real estate broker, they've already done the homework. We don't have to hand walk them many times today to a lender to help get them approved. In many cases, buyers are already starting the ball rolling with this, and in all honesty, to approve a loan and to get ready for a closing, on average is about 45 days right now.

Number four, there's never going to be a better time to move up than right now. You know, if your next move will be into a premium luxury home, now's the time to move up. There's currently ample inventory of homes in the higher price range. This means that if you're planning and selling your starter home, your kind of middle three bedroom home. There's plenty of homes on the market right now in order for you to move up to. Recently there was a report that was put up by CoreLogic and they were projecting that next year, they're talking about the appraise value of properties continuing to appreciate at about 5.2%. So today looking at the value of a home and the price of a home, in another year or so, we could see that price five, maybe 6% even higher. So it's going to end up costing you more raw cash to purchase that home in another year or so.

Number five. You know maybe, just maybe it's that time for you to move on and take that next step in your life. You know, look at the reason why you decided to sell your home in the first time. Is money more important than making that move to be closer to your family? Is money more important to be making any other decision that you have, you know, to make that next move? You know what, only you know the answer that question. Okay? And if you have to take control of the situation by putting your home on the market, perhaps this is the time.

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